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Korean singer, Joo claimed to have spent his childhood in Indonesia. At that time he followed his father who served in Indonesia for several years.

"This is my second time to Indonesia. As a kid my dad had served in Indonesia for several years," said Joo when encountered during a press conference at Hotel Mulia Senayan, South Jakarta, Friday (17/06/2011).

When asked about what he likes from Indonesia, the singer's real name is Jung Min Ju replied, "I like everything about Indonesia, there is nothing I like. I also like fried rice and empal keg," says the singer who had a duet with Leeteuk 'Super Junior' with English fluently.

Joo, soloists who take shelter under the agency JYP Entertainment will join the title Fantastic Kpop Jakarta, June 18, 2011. Women's full name is Jung Min Ju was last duet with Leeteuk Super Junior's in a single titled Ice Cream.

Joo are contestants Superstar Survival television programs with Sunhwa 'Secret', Junho, Taecyeon, and Chansung '2 AM 'in 2006. At that time, the winner is now joining Junho 2PM.
Although it did not succeed to be a winner, a beautiful girl born October 11, 1990 is still ultimately accepted a trainee in JYP Entertainment and train the musical abilities. Joo then released the first mini-album titled Young Woman on January 10, 2008. Then a friend Sunye 'Wonder Girls' marked his debut in the Korean music scene on January 11, 2008 with the single Because of Man.

Small-bodied sweet singer was known as a hard worker. After the 'Young Woman', Joo give up his popularity rising to suspend appear in the music world because it was not quite ready. He went back to the training for 2 years at the agency. Of that, CEO of JYP Entertainment Park Jinyoung wrote in his Twitter account last January 5, 2011.
"I am delighted to be coming back to Indonesia. I'll look my best tomorrow to fans in Indonesia," lid Joo while continuing to show off a cheery smile.
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