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Linkin Park fans have great hopes that this concert will take place exciting and cool. They believe that Chester Bennigton Cs will give a great performance for the second largest after the United fans.

"Cool as possible and we're sure it'll be cool. Because once, when Chester fell during a concert, in 2008 in Australia, if not wrong fitting song Papercut. He jumps, keep falling, broke his hand but continued the concert until they run out," said one fan Linkin Park when found in ticket sales at the Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta, Thursday (16 / 6).

For all fans of Linkin Park in Indonesia, they are looking forward to this concert. Moreover Linkin Park promises to give a grand concert will be.

"We are really waiting for this concert. Since 7 years since they were here first. It is very grand indeed, because the stage was really big. And as usual, they must be very energetic," added one of the fans again.

Indonesia has become the second largest fan base of Linkin Park after the United States. To give a sense of gratitude, Linkin Park, making Indonesia a major goal in the series of his tour.
At the initiative of Big Daddy Live Concerts, Linkin Park will certainly satisfy fans Jakarta on 21 September 2011 at the Bung Karno Main Stadium, Jakarta. The tour, titled A Thousand Suns World Tour 2011 will certainly be more exciting.

Concert time is certain to differ from the concerts they've ever title before. They will present a multimedia presentation that is transformative to the visual technology that will evoke the power of music as well as adrenaline of the audience.

Big Daddy Live Concerts provide the stage with an additional measure of 20mx12m with 4m in front of him. Not only that gigantic LED screen measuring 18m on the left and right of the stage will add to the awesomeness of this concert.
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