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Latest single titled "Dara" was played to reporters, accompanied by guitar. The song tells about the situation during the serving time. Her story was not separated from his girlfriend, Luna Maya.

"Actually, where relevant to the circumstances here. But I do not want to be too hard. So I wanted to try the other side. About longing. People inside and outside but encourage one another to be able to continue on with her life. Although crushed by the problem," said Ariel in speech at Rutan Kebonwaru, West Java, on Monday (4/18/2011).

Ariel before beginning to sing say a few words addressed to his fans. Not forgetting her to apologize for the inconvenience.

"This is the title song while Dara, but do not yet know later. Before singing I want to say to a friend Peter wherever they are. Sorry to have to wait long because Peterpan album delayed. Hopefully this song can cure. I hope this song can be received by the people of Indonesia are also and I also apologize to all people for all the unrest has occurred so far, "he said.

Dara following song lyric:
Do-do you grieve
I know you're tired
remove to the edge of the world
Let those
Calm the liver there
When tired
Dreams that soothe
Let the all-all
Reduce the burden
Fixed look forward
Not alienated world
Two soul smarting
Still there, for both of us
In the united heart
Place both of us
And do not you grieve
I know you're tired
remove to the end of the world.

While the matter of the album Peter, Ariel admits that they finish as you go along. He often visited by other Peterpan personnel to discuss them.
"For Peterpan album tetep tilled. The children often go back and forth listening to the songs. Lack what ya covered by it," he concluded.
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