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Kylie Minogue concert in Indonesia will be held today, Monday (27/06/2011). Musicians from Australia was preparing an opening artist that he had brought himself within the group.

In a major concert promoter or the artist usually will ask the opening band for the introductory event. But for Kylie, the singer hits the 'In Your Eyes' that will bring musicians opener itself.

"There will be the opening act of Kylie's management team," said EC promoter Wiradi of Entertainment in a press conference in SCBD, South Jakarta, Sunday (26/06/2011) night.

Unfortunately the promoter to let musicians opener remains confidential. Kylie is scheduled to arrive in Indonesia today at 18:00 pm. All the property the concert had come first from Bangkok.

Arena concerts are held at the Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor can accommodate an audience of 10 thousand people. But the promoter provides only 7 thousand tickets only. According to the promoter, was as much as 80 percent of tickets purchased prospective audience.

"Kylie has been compiled Property in Sentul, had previously been sent from Bangkok, there are six containers," explains Wiradi.

What kind of a Kylie concert in Indonesia. We'll wait!
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