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KH. ABDULAH GYMNASTIAR (Aa Gym) Pindah menjadi warga negara Malaysia

KH. ABDULAH GYMNASTIAR (Aa Gym) Pindah menjadi warga negara Malaysia

Although still visible in harmony, the process of mediation between Aa Gym and Tea Ninih failed. Dai famous remains keukeuh wanted to divorce his first wife was.

This was revealed at the divorce hearing that was held at the Religious Court (PA), Bandung, Canal Road on Tuesday (05/24/2011). The trial led by the Council of Judges Acep Saefudin was open to the public before it finally closed. The trial was held only about 10 minutes, starting at 9:55 until 10:05 pm.

"I heard from a judge mediator if mediation fails. Is it true that," asked attorney Acep to Aa Gym, Jenal, and attorney Tea Ninih, Iwan Setiawan. Both also agreed.

"Is there any hope they make peace," asked Acep again. Hearing the question, Jenal directly answer if Aa Gym still want the trial continues.

"Oh so applicants remain determined to divorce," said Acep.

Then the closed session was held to find out the answer from Tea Ninih who represented the ruling power. After hearing Blue states Tea Ninih accept her husband's divorce suit filed by Aa Gym.

"Mediation did not succeed, so the answer is yes to accept the divorce and following the trial," said Iwan.

Unbeknownst to the media crew, Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym and Ninih Muthmainah familiarly called Tea Ninih has conducted the mediation process beyond the scheduled hearing on Friday (20/05/2011).

Aa Gym Tea Ninih married in 1987. The couple were blessed with seven children, namely Ghaida Tsuraya, Mohammed Ghazi Al-Ghifari, Ghina Raudhatul Jannah, Zahira Ghaitsa Shofa, Ghefira Nur Fatima, Gaza Mohammed Al-Ghazali, and Gheriya Rahima.

In November 2006, Aa Gym married a widow with three Alfarini Eridani or familiarly called Tea Rini. From this second wife, Aa Gym blessed with one son.

Wedding Tea Aa Gym with Rini when it becomes very crowded in the news media. Before marrying Tea Rini, Aa Gym relationship with Tea Ninih very harmonious. In fact, when it became the role model for many pilgrims. Aa Gym and Tea Ninih always compact while delivering teaching material. Both also when it became a favorite family sakinah

Famous preacher Aa Gym reportedly now in the public spotlight because of the divorce court with his first wife Tea Ninih moved into a citizen of Malaysia. Allegedly Aa Gym is not strong against the Indonesian public is too involved an individual's personal affairs, including himself.

For that Aa Gym and his second wife Tea Rini moved citizenship to citizens of Malaysia. Meanwhile, lawyers for Aa Gym, Jaenal SH, in West Java, not knowing the news. "He was still in Madinah," he said.

It is said Aa Gym and his second wife are running the worship Umrah since 12 April 2011 and has not returned to Indonesia. Until this news was revealed, there has been no official statement from the family of Aa Gym as well as Aa Gym.
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