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Malinda Dee, suspected cases of embezzlement of customer funds, Citibank has had surgery to address the inflammation in her breast. Malinda are getting better, but this time Malinda shock and sadness. Naturally, since both her breasts removed.

"Both of them lifted up, so now her breasts flat because both raised," said a close colleague of Malinda, Vivi Buntaran, while talking to AFP, Rabun (22/06/2011).

Vivi, who is also an artist, admits has not been met Malinda after breast removal surgery performed on Monday-Tuesday June 20 to 21. However, performers who often play in a horror movie has been communicating by phone with Malinda.

"Her son was right there in the hospital, so our communication was through his mobile phone. He is now sad story because he's a perfectionist," said Vivi.

Vivi says, surgical removal of the breast was done for the health of Malinda. If not done, eventually it will make women's health is getting worse.

"So it's time fitting hell yes, because if delayed again not good for her health. So now lived period of recovery," said Vivi.

Earlier police said Malinda operated breast just next door. Malinda at Siloam Hospital surgery runs about six hours. Malinda will still be treated for about two weeks for recovery.
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