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Jazz-funk band Level 42 British will return to Indonesia. Level 42 will be a concert on July 24 in Jakarta and Surabaya on July 26, 2011.

Level 42 came into Indonesia brought promoter Original Productions. Promoters make an exclusive concert to celebrate 30 years of Level 42's career.

"Yesterday they really had come. But this one was made ​​as powerful as possible because this 30 tahunya them," said boss Tommy Pratama Original Productions to the media on Thursday (16/06/2011).

For Jakarta, tickets will be priced from $ 400 thousand to $ 2.5 million. While in Surabaya USD 300 thousand to $ 1.5 million.

"We target a maximum of two thousand tickets and 1,500 tickets in Jakarta, Surabaya. We are for the exclusive, not too big," explained Tommy.

Level 42 tour dates in Indonesia:

July 24, 2011 at the Gran Melia Hotel Ballroom, Jakarta
July 26, 2011 at the Shangri-la Hotel Ballroom, Surabaya

After Indonesia, Tommy also brought a level of 42 to tour in Japan until August 2. On August 5, they will be a concert in Singapore.

a glimpse of the level 42 :
So where better to start a biography on Level 42 then right at the very beginning. Four young men namely Mark King - bass (b. 20th October 1958 Northwood, Isle of Wight), Mike Lindup - keyboards (b. 17th March 1959 London, England) and brothers Boon - guitar (b. 4th March 1955 Shanklin, Isle of Wight) and Phil Gould - drums (b. 28th February 1957 Hong Kong) met up in early 1980 for a jam at the Guildhall School of Music. It was here that the four piece first played instrumental tracks such as 'MR PINK', '88' and 'LOVE MEETING LOVE'. Mike later arranged the then unnamed bands first booking at the Guildhall Students Union playing in the bar to a respondant audience. Mark and Boon had spoken about coming up with a number as the groups name for the occasion. Mark suggested 88 as it was short and could be easily remembered. Several days later Phil and Mark spotted a poster for Rocket 88, the name adopted by Jack Bruce and Friends. It was too close for comfort, although '88' was to be the title of a song.

Phil and Boon's brother John was working as head of promotion at MCA Records at that time and was contacted by Andy Sojka who had his own record label called Elite Records. John mentioned that two of his brothers were playing in a band and would he be interested in hearing them. Andy was certainly not looking for another act to sign to Elite but was prepared to give them a listen. Andy wanted to know what the bands bass lines were like and particuly liked one of Mark's riff's and said that if the band put some lyrics to it it could be incredible. A week later they played the finished version to Andy, who was happy to record it. First of all they had to sign a six month recording contract with Elite Records and deliver two singles and an album during that period. John Gould took on the managerial role. By this time the band had agreed on the name Level 42 after Boon and Mark had read the science-fiction book 'The Hitch-Hikers Guide To The Galaxy' by Douglas Adam's. In it, 42 is the answer to the question, "What is the meaning of life?".

The band were keen on using synthesizers, this creating something unique. Mike had not had experience in this field, so Phil suggested that he phone Wally Badarou. Having previously worked with Phil and Mark, he was more than happy to be involved in the making of the single and the Frenchman flew out to London. At the time, Wally was signed to a French record label and was therefore in no position to join Level 42 on an official basis. They recorded the song in the 16-track Gateway Studios in Clapham in March 1980. Wally added a clarinet part to the second verse. Before the release of 'LOVE MEETING LOVE' a 12" white label promo appeared (DAZZ 4). It had a Level 42 track called 'SANDSTORM' on the A-side and an instrumental entitled 'Journey To The Powerline' on the B-side. It was thought that the B-side was a Level 42 track but it turned out to be a track by a group called Powerline who later produced a 12" on Elite of the song. Presumably the 12" (DAZZ 4) was only pressed as a white label sampler and given to club DJ's to promote two bands signed to the Elite Records label.

3000 copies of 'LOVE MEETING LOVE'/'INSTRUMENTAL LOVE' were released to the British public on the Elite Records label (DAZZ 5) in April 1980, on 12" only. Polydor Records picked up on it and almost immediately re-released it on 7" and 12". By August it had peaked at number 61. Andy offered the band ten days in Hillside Studios, Streatham to record an album. However, they left Hillside with the album incomplete. The band then started to play their first live concerts around the country starting at La Babalu Club on the Isle of Wight on the 5th and 6th September. In November 1980, Polydor released '(FLYING ON THE) WINGS OF LOVE'/'WINGS OF LOVE'. It peaked at number 76 and came as two 12"'s. The first had a US mix on one side and a UK mix on the other, while the second had a '81 remix and 'LOVE MEETING LOVE'. Both 12"'s had the same catalogue number (POSPX 200).

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