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Legendary musician Iwan Fals enliven the nonstop 32-day concert in celebration of the annual Jakarta Fair. There were different from previous concerts Iwan. In the middle of the show. Iwan sang the national anthem "Indonesia Heritage".

Music concert that lasted about a half an hour opens with "Song One" on the main stage area PRJ. Iwan Fals least 10,000 fans who named himself as 'Oi' is present to enliven the show until late at night. Not only from the younger groups, older children, and women who come from different areas of Greater Jakarta concert Iwan Fals come to see it.

The audience was invited to sing along when Bang Iwan rendition of 'Dreams that Money Bought'. They all look engrossed in chanting the songs are mostly themed Iwan social criticism. Not only that, when the song 'Either' the audience was singing along with laughter interspersed with Toto Tewel Iwan Fals (guitarist) on stage.

In the middle of the show, the song "Indonesia Heritage" concert coloring Iwan Fals this time. The audience was solemnly listening and singing along. Not a few also had an audience that gives due respect towards the stage with tears in her eyes. National song was requested by the organizers deliberately Jakarta Fair 2011 that is always sung at every concert performances of music this year.

"Actually I was also surprised ya suddenly asked as Mrs. Siti Hartati Murdaya to bring a national song. Fortunately I still remember once also bring all songs Indonesian Heritage on one television station with Erwin Gutawa, so stay hafalin hafalin little-deh," Iwan said after the show, accompanied by family and Mrs. Siti Hartati Murdaya as President Director JIExpo on Wednesday (06/15/2011) night.

According to Mrs. Siti Hartati Murdaya, national anthem sung at a concert of music 32 times a day nonstop Jakarta Fair is aiming to evoke a spirit of nationalism younger generation successor to the nation. Thus, the Jakarta Fair an annual event to celebrate the anniversary of the capital Jakarta to 484 years, not only concerned with the commercial side, but also bring the mission of cultural, musical and still in love with his homeland.

Until midnight, the concert was closed with a rendition of the theme of the latest Iwan nature of the album 'Balance'. He also said goodbye to all the Oi are present from various parts of the country. Iwan cs gives final salute and bow to finish the concert together with all the performers band Iwan Fals. Meanwhile, the Oi are present to sing and say goodbye.
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