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Since Ariel tripped hot video case and should be in jail, who fronted the band Peterpan Luna Maya's rumored girlfriend broke up. Reportedly, the three other personnel busy with their respective activities.

However, the presence of three personnel Peterpan, Uki, ​​Reza and Lukman in Ariel's new single release events suggests that the issue was a mere puff jempo. "For Peterpan album themselves, colleagues and Ariel still wait until the situation is completed," said Budi Soeratman.

Budi statement corroborated by the expression of one of the personnel Peterpan, Uki. Peterpan guitarist confirms they are not disbanded. "We'll make a statement Peterpan not disbanded. The presence of the kids here still support Ariel," Uki said.

Regarding plans Peterpan new album, will soon reveal Uki completed after completion Ariel problem. Video clip for the new album was created before Ariel Peterpan go to jail.
As for his song material there are still two more songs that have not been vocal since Ariel already take into custody first. "Now we go back and forth also into a prison, Ariel try to listen to his songs, if not fit to be revised. Ariel is also the person who tinkers the lyrics to fit," he said.

Fortunately, continued Uki, ​​party labels do not require Peterpan to immediately release the album. "If time can not dijanjiin when. What we must immediately put an album out who is delayed, the process is mixing and mastering," he explained.
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