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Tuesday (21/06/2011) This morning Giovani van Bronckhorst arrive in Indonesia. Despite bagging a Dutch passport, Gio arrival to the homeland should return him to his second.

The plane carrying the Van Bronckhorst is scheduled to arrive at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport on Tuesday morning at 8:40 pm. Dutch national team captain at the 2010 World Cup's visit to Indonesia to conduct a series of activities ranging from social action to participate in the event Starbol.

Born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, on February 5, 1975, Van Bronckhorst immediately pocketed the Dutch nationality. However, Indonesia thick blood flowing in his body since his parents are from Indonesia.

His father, Victor van Bronckhorst, is a man of mixed blood Indonesia and the Netherlands. Meanwhile his mother, whose real name Fransien Sapulette, is a native woman who comes from the Moluccas.

Van Bronckhorst is scheduled to be in Indonesia from 22 to 25 June. On this first day of Barcelona and former Arsenal defender it will go directly to the Grand Hyatt Hotel after his plane landed at Soekarno-Hatta.

Some of the activities to be carried out Van Bronckhorst include coaching clinic at the Stadium of GBK and meet and greet event with fans that are scheduled to be held at Blitz Megaplex.

On Wednesday (06/22/2011) tomorrow man 36 years is also planned to come into play in a match Starbol, a game that brings the local players face the foreign players who competed in the ISL and the LPI. Not yet known how long Van Bronckhorst will play in the game, but certainly he joined the team that handled by the International Star Jacksen F Tiago (coach View events).

Social activities could arguably be the primary mission of the arrival of the owner of 106 caps and six goals for the Dutch contribution to it. The arrival of Van Bronckhorst to Indonesia have a canopy that is Giovanni van Bronckhorst charity @ all children of Indonesia

Gio, Van Bronckhorst was so called, plans to create a school of football rather than SSB. They are scheduled to practice there are children who can not afford and will be trained in earnest to develop their potential. He will also become the first European footballer who established the foundation in Indonesia with the name of Giovanni van Bronckhorst Foundation.

While on Friday (24/06/2011) future Van Brockhorst will conduct a charity auction in Jakarta, all funds collected will be used to establish the foundation. The plan, there will be some memorabilia from the players, including Dutch costume he wore in the 2010 World Cup, which will be auctioned.

Some of the costumes of the players who had swapped shirts with him was also rumored to be auctioned at the event which will take place at the Hotel Kempinsky.
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