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In establish love, women generally have their own rules on their partner for not too far. However, different from Gia. Women who work as disc jockeys (DJ) was admitted to not have limits.

"why there should be restrictions on going out? He's my love, I love him, why should there limits? no censorship anyway. Hahaha," he said with a laugh.

However, at this time is his own DJ Gia. He was enjoying the days of his singles. Busied himself with various jobs and expand her social. He prefers singles dating because still traumatized.

Last March he broke up with her ​​lover because of differences in principles and beliefs. In fact, their relationship had been coached for two years. "End because there are no matches, rather than hurt each other,"she said.

When asked about the criteria for his ideal man, a woman from Surabaya, was admitted to not grandiose. He is not a typical woman who saw a man of wealth. For him the most important is the figure of a man who could become a father figure.

"I need a guy who could be the father figure, because of the small I'm not close with his father. Surely the guy who care, can ngertiin and have a big responsibility," he explained.

In dating, claiming to be a typical girl Gia faithful. He is not going to curb and certainly will give full confidence if later found his ideal male figure.

"I that speak of love, curb and never would believe one hundred percent equal partner. Anyway definitely followed all what he wants," he said, laughing.

Gia currently enjoying her career as a DJ and MC at various clubs in Indonesia. He was also seriously concerned with the photo model.

"I think in the future I want to be a TV presenter or a lawyer. But before that I want to go international, or at least in Asia as a DJ and a photo model," he hoped.
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