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Foreign movie star coloring the film industry back to Indonesia. This time, turn to Norwegian star, Vicky Vette movies Girlfriend Ghost of the Virgin with Dewi Persik.

"Later I'll play along with Vicky Vette and Misa Campo. Got To meet time-dealan movie deal," said Dewi Persik (Depe) when contact Legal on their cell phones, on Tuesday (06/07/2011).

Besides playing with Vicky Vette, Depe also will compete acting with Filipina model, Misa Campo. Acting collided with movie stars and sexy model, not a problem for the former wife of Jamil Saipul it.

"We must be ready to act with anyone. They're here actually play the movie,. Did not play comedy horror films?" he replied.

The film, produced by KK Dheeraj lived finish some scenes again. In the film which will be released on July 7, 2011 that, Depe role as a cool girl named Mandy.

"shooting a few scenes again.'ll Vicky and the Mass came to Indonesia. I'm here so Mandy is rock n roll, the baseball superstitious and ignorant. Vicky and Mass story of two brothers so I am. So, I had two parents who mix Indonesia and beyond, "he explained.

Keep in mind, Vicky Vette is a senior movie star who is currently 46 years old. Besides known as a movie star, Vicky figure is already familiar to the Indonesian public. Vicky had never missed a warm monitor the events that were discussed in Indonesia.

Call it, comment on videos Vicky Ariel and events Tifatul Sembiring Menkominfo handshake with the wife of the President of the United States, Barack Obama, Michelle Obama. Vicky is the latest act of posting photos of Indonesia's national team uniforms, writing 'Garuda in My Chest' on his twitter account. In fact, Vicky jokingly requested that PSS was chosen as chairman
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