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yes there are known not earlier, because of what hotnya photos circulated later become famous, or because of the waterfall wedding movie playing? Do not know exactly clear Jenny Cortez is one of the supporting artists waterfall wedding film caught engaging photos Madi half hot in this room create a special attraction among the men.,

Jeny Cortez did not like Ayu Oktasari born of the reality show but the two artists are equally exposed to the issues which are less by the circulation of their hot photos on the internet, what is now a popular trend yes if want to have to have a hot and sexy photos first ? I do not know for sure the artist's homeland is now increasingly oriented to the west and many of those caught engaging in sexy photos.

Was really chaotic, but still above the fim-flm adal again one of the film is selling well sensuality Movie nuns are like shampooing, where the film was imported from japan hot stars sakuragi rin, may have started a national perfileman direction switch times, and movies that indulgence in sensuality became one of the options like Jenifer Cortez, and following one of several photographs Jenny Cortez that some time ago a discussion topic

10 poses from various outstanding, five of them fairly hot. Jenny existence now could not be confirmed because the model was out of the country.

The existence of these photographs according to the news are pieces of film from the "waterfall bride" starring Jenny Cortez itself. In the film by Rizal Mantovani Jenny's dress was hot.

Jenny Cortez started his career from the model in various magazine covers, but in mid-2009 all of a sudden his name melabung to the public when he was rumored to have a special affinity with the magician Deddy Corbuzier

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