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Senk Lotta behavior becomes more and more video clips model number of musicians. Senk Lotta bestseller happened after she sued for divorce the husband Fauzi Baadilah. Senk filed suit for divorce in East Jakarta Religious Court last 23 November 2009.

When found, on Thursday (14/1/2010), Senk was on the set of video clips band The Dance Company with the single 'Love Capital'. Not long ago a woman from Uzbekistan was also a model of the singer's latest video clip Anang Hermansyah, 'thing as rain Crying'.
In addition to selling as a model video clips, Senk also known as one of the most successful model in Indonesia. Honorarium once walked down the catwalk, or for the purposes of shooting could be tens of millions of dollars.

Rumors circulated that Senk added rushing to forget his divorce process with Fauzi. But the tall woman was denied. "This is my job. What is happening in my personal life does not affect my work. I'm just being professional and provide the best, "he explained in English when met on the sidelines shooting video clips 'Capital Love' band, The Dance Company at Domus Cafe Jl Veteran I, Central Jakarta, Thursday (14/1/2010).

Senk just grateful when he successfully underwent his profession. When asked about the relationship with Fauzi, Senk has always refused to answer.
"Later on well dated January 27," he concluded.

Fauzi Baadilah artist and Senk Lotta finally officially divorced on Wednesday (27/01/2010) in East Jakarta Penggadilan Religion. This verdict was read without the presence of Fauzi at the third trial.
Before IPR knock hammer, Senk was carrying a Caucasian male age as Senk. He witnesses who know chaotic household Senk-Oji.

Senk who met after the hearing, said he felt bore a new status as a widow.
Feelings of sadness and trauma now clung beautiful model from Uzbekistan, Senk Lotta. Because the Mahligai household Baadilah Fauzi was officially over.

"Sad that this has been completed. But I feel better. What else can I do, I must move on, "said the woman from Uzbekistan.
When asked why Oji never come, Senk says that Oji was busy filming so he could not come.

Divorce is Fauzi and Lotta was suspected because of the many quarrels between them since 2008. But unfortunately, Lotta would not open his mouth to say the real reason
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