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Many women are willing to spend in deeply to look more attractive, including a make over her body with plastic surgery. But artists are not willing to admit Fitria Roro. For her sexy much better obtained in a natural way without surgery.

"Sexy without surgery to make me better, yes, because it is more enduring and not at risk. Dangers also the effect that there will be malpractice," he said after taking the picture with the media at a house in Kemang, South Jakarta.

Women born December 29, 1987 that claimed never occurred to her to enhance your body shape with the surgery. However, it does not matter if today many men and even women who choose that shortcut.

"I'm still open minded person. If there are friends I would or would do surgery like that, its okay, no problem," he said while expressing his gratitude for sexy body shape has. He claimed to always take care of her for supporting her career in the entertainment world and a variety of daily activities.

As a photo model, star of 'Not the Dreamers' it does have a sexy body and sensual aura that kuat.Bicara about sexy, Roro also have their own opinion. For her translation of a section that does not rely solely on physical beauty alone. But again, depending on each individual to interpret it.

"Make me sexy is beautiful, smart and has attitude. So a package which not only rely on physical. If the beautiful but stupid, that's not sexy," he said.

So how was the youngest of four brothers to keep her beauty? "Obviously sports. But if for injecting vitamins, I also often, because of the intensity and physical mobility I was high," he said.

How not currently Roro does have a myriad of activities. In addition to a sitcom actress and model photos, he also noted as dance and wushu athletes as well as a gymnastics instructor body language and wedding singer.

Various titles in national and even international level has ever achieved. "At the Dance Sport Championship in 2010 in Singapore can I come and silver medals," he said proudly.
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