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The man's eyes is a men's program broadcast by the station trans-7 on Monday at 11:30 pm. This show presents the life of the urban with all the hustle and bustle. was predictable this show is presenting another side of women's lives are worthy of comment men.

The man's eyes is a program specially men, which airs every Wednesday at 23:30 pm. This is a perception of some men, about everything a trend, all things that exist around men, and everything about women. A perception of the sexiness of a woman, and everything that surrounds it. This perception will be drawn from research data, which has been conducted by various agencies, and is easily accessible by many people.

The end result of this program is, how men appreciate the surroundings, respect for women, and respect himself. This is how men view women. Departing from a myth, which then sought his research data, and then analyzed and conclusions drawn at last. The man's eyes will always give the closing statement, as a conclusion at the end of the theme.

For those of you men will watch this show is more enjoyable because sung by a beautiful and sexy presenter, one of the newest presenters who appeared inaugural day last week was Princess Anggraini.

Princess Anggraini presenter is a figure that has not been known by the Indonesian public, before becoming a presenter she worked as a photo model.

Before Princess Anggraini also known presentar namely Angie Amanda.

Angie Amanda born in 06 Jan, Hometown: Djakarta. She is a presenter Mata Lelaki on Trans7. Mata Lelaki Trans7 an soul syllabus, which displays the representation of both men, on everything that’s faddish everything that is around men, and everything active women. A perception of the sexiness of a mate, and everything that surrounds it. This representation present be drawn from investigate assemblage, which screw been conducted by varied agencies, and effortless accessed by numerous grouping.

after the eyes of men loyal viewers will be treated to the spectacle of trans 7 but not least he called the curfew. This program comes every Thursday at 22:30 pm, the program tells of the figure of a person who is deemed unworthy by society. the program is to review the other side of the life of the resource.

The following excerpt miraculous story in the show at night:
Affection is so genuine. Dim night to witness how the pure love of a mother to her child. It is a sweet girl Rika, Amelia Iis only child, my friend.

Gently caress should be routinely accepted Rican meal every day, as evidence of love the mother. But what power, economic necessity forced to wait Rica Iis return to his hometown of Sukabumi. Not many people know that, behind the affection is there a profession that must be cultivated Iis with all the risks, including bad view of people about him.

Iis is a dangdut singer at a cafe in the number Parung, Bogor regency. Parung region is synonymous with a black spot. Iis there he and other comrades from Sukabumo make a living. Parung black will disappear once we know and witnessed firsthand their lives ...
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