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Wulansari at the beginning of its appearance with the Queen is known as Ratu Mulan Kwok or Mulan. After leaving the Queen, Women born in Garut, Aug. 23, 1982 it joined the Republic of Love Artist Management (RCMA) is commanded by Ahmad Dhani, Maia Estianty husband. Mulan Kwok turned into Mulan.

Her first album was released in early 2008 and brought the song mainstay creature of Mahluk Tuhan Yang paling Sexy.

Mulan name skyrocketed when he joined the Queen in April 2005, before Mulan often singing in a cafe (Bandung and Jakarta). Mulan replaced Mambo Mary coming out of the Queen at the end of 2004.

Mulan distinctive voice and make it seem sexy Queen fans quickly accepted. Unfortunately after collaborating on two albums with Queen frontman, Estianty Maia, Mulan resign in early 2007. Conflict Mulan - Mulan Maia triggered by a disproportionate salaries and management changes are considered less open.

Mulan is not even 20 years old, married to Harry Nugraha, in 1999. They met when joined with the band Swarakustik cafe. Harry was the bass player vocalist Mulan. Unfortunately the marriage has produced two children, Savitri Tyarani Rafly Aziz and Muhammad ran aground in 2005.

Singer Wonder Woman and Love Again is not only a career in singing. He also played soap operas and movies. SORRY MY WIFE YOU impregnate in 2007 is one film that also starred by him.

In February 2009, the name of Mulan had again become a hot topic. Together with Ahmad Dhani, he became the most widely keywords on the internet.

Mulan began trying out the business world. Because not feel confident. Dhani he took the more experienced. They chose to do business furniture galleries in Kemang area, South Jakarta.

If during the personal lives of the singer of Love Dead II is widely associated with Dhani, maybe after this he can be more calm. Because now he is in a special relationship with someone from among the non-celebrity. Mulan did not dismiss even if he wanted an immediate end to widowhood.
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