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The mushrooming of Korean boyband and girlband inevitably affect the world of Indonesian music. One is a vocal group D Mantans, who just do not want to be called country-oriented trend of ginseng. "We still qibla to the Pussycat Dolls, because we emang follow his style, and rocking, just because we are also new so yes maybe not as good as them. In terms of clothes too right they are more free and sexy anyway we are still within the limits of reasonableness alone but sexy," Five Vi clear, one fronted vocal group made ​​up of some celebrity status as widows and those who are ex-wives of the band's vocalist.

When asked whether the trend of the Korean girlband influence their style, Okie Agustina, the former wife of Pasha, was dismissed this contention. "Not really, we're not a teenager well. We feel our parents do not follow their style. We just want all of our music is received from young children until the mothers and all of them can come shake," he said.

"Hopefully we can be accepted by society also wrote. Because the purpose here we are looking for money and who is not weird," added Five Vi when met at the sidelines of the making of the video clip Not Want co-wife, in M Point, Block M, South Jakarta, which is expressed as the cry of the hearts of the women who do not want this co-wife.
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