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fifi Buntaran is a photo-model, a famous movie star with a sexy body. He is also a close friend Malinda Dee is now becoming a public debate because of the scandal burglary century bank customers. Fifi in a chance to tell his friend terakir conditions summarized in this paper.

Malinda Dee many complained during his stay in the detention room. Buntaran artist who is also her best friend Fifi says Malinda need chest massage treatments.

Beautiful models who also pesinetron, Fifi Buntaran asserted conditions friend, Malinda Dee uyang suspected cases of fraud dugaaan Rp17 billion through Citibank which now sits at the Police Hospital, Kramat Jati, East Jakarta is very alarming. It happened since Malinda reportedly experienced a sore chest.

"During his detention, he complained a lot. With the condition of the room cramped and makeshift bed. I think it's inhumane," said Fifi, Monday (13 / 6).

Fifi was explained before the status of the suspect, Malinda chest condition is still okay. However, when it was in the custody Criminal Investigation Police, the chest containing the silicon is less treatment.

"I understand we always perform massage treatments such as breast and there is a potion. But because the automatic custody he can not do that," said Fifi.

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