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Love Penelope is a singer who joined in the vocal duo with his best friend Lady Penelope Princess Lana, made ​​by Charly 'ST12'. Love the name Penelope is increasingly recognized since he and his group sang Lady Penelope 'conch Poison' who had hits for the video lip sync Shinta-Jojo on You Tube. Just info, Shinta and Jojo now also joined the management Charly. Penelope Love is now reportedly in a serious relationship with a 26-year-old model whose full name I Dewa Made Mahardika son or familiarly called Dika.

Dika name may not be too familiar in our ears. But for those who often watch the show arena of celebrity soul mate search in Indosiar, 'Take a Celebrity Out (TCO)' must have seen the face of Oliver. Yes, Oliver won the event 'Take a Celebrity Out' some time ago. Dika admitted to undergo a serious relationship with Love. The pictures above are the intimate photos with his girlfriend Penelope Love Dika. Penelope love that could be a concern because the tattoos on his body was admitted initially had found it difficult to establish a relationship with Oliver because of differences in status and beliefs. Love Penelope is a widow who never married, while Oliver is a single guy who has never married.

But all that they lead with wisdom and mature attitude. Love admitted that initially there mencibirnya because of its status as a widow. Love is often cry because of scorn, scorn tilted. But Oliver has always assured him that he underwent a serious relationship with love and do not care about his past. For love, all that's not how. That makes it more certain with Dika Dika is due to accept the situation which now has only one kidney because of her illness. Yes, Dika want to receive love is. The family was already aware of their relationship and no problems. So, waiting for love ....
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