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Lely Anggraeni better known as Angel Lelga or Angeliq (born in Surakarta, January 1, 1981, age 30 years) is a singer, actor from the soap opera is a mixed blood Indonesia.Ia Manado and Chinese.

In 2007 Angel is planning to release solo albums, while Pongki (Elvis Presley) to supply a song for her. Mainstay single titled "Love Without bonding 'has been selected. According to Angel, the song is an outpouring of his heart.

Marriage with the Rhoma Irama
Angel Lelga name started to become the subject of conversation when he was rumored to be married siri with pedangdut Rhoma Irama. Rhoma and Angel Lelga met while starring in the soap opera "Ibnu Sabil". The news finally dikonfimasi truth by Rhoma and at the same time announcing their divorce.

Marriage Safely Jagau
Two years have passed since the case of marriage with the Rhoma sirinya, Angel Lelga again rocked by rumors about her marriage to businessman Martapura coal from South Kalimantan, Abdul Rahman Widi or better known as Safe Jagau, who was none other than her husband also Cahyati dangdut singer's granddaughter. The case had long tails because of the mutual demands between legitimate wife and at the same Jagau Aman's first wife, Rina Rahmasari, demanding Safe Jagau, grandson Cahyati, and Angel Lelga with adultery article. Then the Angel Safe also demanded associated with allegations of fraud and embezzlement of Rp 150 million, which is given to the Angel Safe. Until May 2007, the case is still handled by the police.

Implant Pocong (2009)
Virgin Kuntilanak Moan (2010)
Hugs Gerondrong Ghost Widow (2011)
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