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Singing a song called Love and One Nights seems reminiscent Melinda on a piece of the story of his life in the past. Apparently, the story in song dangdut house which is the first single from his sixth album is a story itself.
"It was beautiful for me, I will not ceritain and I'm not gonna forget. Make me floating," said a woman who was close with Saiful Jamil is when found in between making a video clip in Jagakarsa, South Jakarta, Monday (11/02) yesterday .

"It happened in Singapore," he continued. "When the holiday. After that time I really collapsed, could not say anything. I can not sleep, do not want to eat, that's for one week. I feel as a woman who is not crowned. Shame really matter."

Melinda admitted that if he must have felt remorse after that experience. But eventually he realized must not continue to decline.

"Regret is definitely there. But a lot of support from family and friends. They say that the world has not ended. After that I was a lot of praying, repent, ask forgiveness. Now I'm more focused on careers. Let it be a part of my life. If I slumped again, when I want to work anymore? "he said.

Then how Melinda relationship with men in one night following the love story? "Let not be contacted. I used to think it was him good, honest, honey. Yes I trust wrote, it turns out ..." Melinda replied deplore.

"Now more careful in choosing a guy. He loves me or just focus on playing games. If you let just be friends I still want to, but if you go into a deeper relationship, I'm still traumatized," he concluded
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