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Sarah Azhari (born in Jakarta, June 16, 1977, age 34 years) is an actress and model from Indonesia. He is the brother Ayu Azhari, Ibra Azhari and Rahma Azhari. Sarah is more often worked as a model rather than starring in a movie or sing. Together with the senior actress Christine Hakim, he starred in the film director Garin Nugroho entitled Leaves on Top Pillows. In 1999, she released the album titled "Peluk Aku Cium Aku."

In July 2005, Sarah was charged with the beating of a journalist infotainment. Finally he was given a four month prison sentence. The case is not fully completed because she could not accept a court decision and intend to appeal to the Supreme Court.
End of November 2008, Sarah caught the case for distributing the photos with her sister, Rahma Azhari hot on the internet. The case was eventually handled by the authorities to request assistance telematics expert Roy Suryo.

In March 2009, Sarah began to undergo a series of examinations related to the extent outstanding hot photo sisters. Sarah accompanied by lawyer, Farhat Abbas finally reported Roy Suryo on charges of defamation.

Some artists chose to summarize his life story is not just a trend, but it is a responsibility as a public figure to share your successes. Artists as well as a singer, Sarah Azhari also intends to make a biography about him. About it, Sarah said she wanted to create a book that tells about himself.

So a kind of biography that present to her own fans. So people who do not know him, he will try to peel out there.

In addition she also hopes that the book was quickly made, but due to the density of activity, so that finally he had to postpone it. Moreover, should also work with multiple authors. So even then he had to postpone the making, and will focus on the first album.
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