Thursday, June 9, 2011



World artist was never separated from the sensation. exciting artist videos and photos of hot artists often become a scene of a news media soft food. after a short time ago Rahma azhari video exciting video circulating now turn Purple vocalist and Alyssa outstanding. Pasha video Alyssa purple-kiss was so hot gossip public talks. true or not?

a video that began circulating in cyberspace since Tuesday (23 / 6) yesterday that lasted about 2.5 minutes. in the video can be seen the figure of a man who allegedly pasha purple was eating at a Japanese restaurant with a young woman who allegedly was Alyssa. pasha Alyysa then kissed his cheek and kissed Alyssa Oki Agustina these ex-husband.

Pasha until now could not be confirmed because according to management, purple, purple band was touring in the wilderness. Alyssa is the party strongly denied the video. Alyssa who claimed to have seen the video said that if women in the video is not him on the grounds if he had not worn clothes like the woman in the video. 'm the mama, Angki also strongly denied it because he reasoned so far her daughter that will soon travel to Australia for college is never free from observation. Alyssa also never go with the pasha, he said. Pasha news emang purple-long courtship Alyssa blew. but it denied both of them and make friends only for the benefit of the new purple video clip that has been circulating.
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