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Krisdayanti and Raul Lemos marriage has finally been accomplished (20 March 2011). This is the day most anticipated by the pop diva Indonesia Krisdayanti (KD) with a businessman from Dili, East Timor, Raul Lemos. Their marriage ceremony runs smoothly, the event was held the ceremony at the Sahid Masjid Nurul Iman, the Grand Hotel Sahid Jaya, Jakarta.

Raul and KD have been married in the presence of the prince of the Office of Religious Affairs (KUA) Tanah Abang, Ashrof Syahroni.
Couples who wear clothing and kebaya beskap gray face shows it looks a little tense so holy Quran verses floated towards the seconds pronunciation vows.

After the Holy Al-duran verses chanted, Krisdayanti then asked his parents for permission to marry by Raul.

In his second marriage, the former wife of singer, songwriter and producer Anang Hermansyah dowry had been bound with a set of tools prayers. Raul, the former husband or Ata Sechah Salem Sagran the wedding vows in the wedding ceremony smoothly. The witnesses of the bride is the former vice president of Tri Sutrisno.

After delivery of such dowry, Raul and then landed his kiss on the lips as much as three times the KD. Not only that, Raul is more complete with a kiss kiss on the forehead KD, before returning to land a kiss to the lips of women who have two children from previous marriages.

A number of guests and relatives by marriage procession solemnly watched the bride and groom. Children from previous marriages KD, Aurel and Azriel also present accompanied by Crossfade.
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