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The fourth marriage Bogor Mayor Diani Budiarto certainly make people curious about Siti Indriyani face, it's his third wife. Well, today circulated a picture of them both, which received limited by some quarters.

The reporters in Bogor also get a photo of this couple, Saturday (25/06/2011). Apparently, this picture obtained by photographing a wedding invitation-Siti Diani.

I wonder who made ​​this picture first. But this picture soon be available in limited circles. Possibility, the maker of the photo is one of Diani invitation, so he could get a photo-Siti Diani in the invitation.

Photo birthday invitations impression of a very obvious because they are both a closed text images typical Muslim wedding invitations which cited a letter Ar-Rum.

In the photo, Diani was sitting while wearing dark suits. Siti "kebaya" wearing yellow stood beside her with his left hand holding Diani.

No one seems to comment a close associate of Diani. Siti did look pretty. His skin was white with a slim body and tall, slim look. A smile from the lips of both spouses that looked this happy.

So far there has been no comment from the Bogor city administration for this photo. Head of Public Relations Asep Firdaus Bogor city administration has not responded when contacted by AFP via cell phone.

Marriage to Siti is the fourth marriage for Diani. But Siti was the third wife in a polygamous life made ​​Diani.

Diani had divorced his first wife, when she married Fauziah who is now with her as Mrs. Mayor of Bogor. In 2004, Diani started polygamy by marrying a steward of the organization.

Then in 2011, wife of Diani increased to three. Diani married Siti (19) a former employee of a cafe in Kemang, South Jakarta. Closed celebrated their reception at the residence of Diani in Bogor Nirwana Residence on Thursday (23 / 6)
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