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Hectic with exciting photographs of the artist that spread in cyberspace, do not worry about the artist Vicki Shu. Hence, he claimed to have posed a bit hot in a magazine.

"I still honestly never once in the magazine, but it is still within reasonable limits, do not wear two pieces or lingerie. Still in the limit it is natural. Do not know why I do not like being photographed, I was embarrassed when photographed, "he said when met in Jakarta.

For some people, the photos could boost the popularity of hot celebrities. However, Vicky can not believe the impact that far. "Do not know well, maybe if she like that ya still in its portion aja. Like the photograph in a magazine hot adult men, that's still the place, "said the woman plays the body was 170 cm.

The singer also admitted newcomers can not judge the perpetrators of hot photos. "I can not judge people, if yes to spread the risk. I also have, that some people find a bit sexy, "he said.

Vicky admitted that he was not afraid to spread her picture because she was never weird photographs.

"As it happens I'm not the type of person who likes to be photographed, let alone own photo. If I'm personally not worried because I never photographed strange. Second, we were back to ourselves. If we never photographed a weird, ya do not need to fear. Kan there are people who are afraid to keep the files do not let it leak, keep the attitude that if I still wrote, "he said
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