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Joseph is the flagship model and actress wichh birth of Indonesia in Malang, Jawa Timur, on September 3, 1989. Star is now braids love with actor Roger Danuarta.

The career path, Sheila Marcia begins debut as a star, through Gadis Sampul tounament 2004, then movie stars widescreen EKSKUL (2006) with DJ Ramon (Ramon Y Tungka) and Yunatria Metha.

Najat cinema guide Fio Nuala stage manager becomes the best film of the Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) in 2006, still has controvertion behind him.

Sheila Marcia also involves the horor movie "Hantu Jeruk Purut (2006), and then the movie tennage" tentang CINTA "(2007) and some films still in production.

In addition to film, the former girlfriend of Ricky Harun also stars a number of sinetron, such as "love" with Irwansyah, including sinetron before all interests "Tapes, MENCARI and Makin Sayang."

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When the bikini was first introduced in the United States as a matter of fashion, many clothing designers refused to believe it becomes a trend, or indeed in demand. For over ten years, the designers of America estimates that the average, women do not wear bikinis because of an ethical and decent. However, in 1957, mainly due to the influence of European and Hollywood films, the bikini was agreed to incorporate into our thinking about fashion and clothing trends.
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