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maybe the name does not sharena rizky sehot in talking like Jenny Cortez who was rumored photos syurnya outstanding, under the sea or river seheboh that many people search for? What to do? Sharena Rizky not his real name, before the girl who frequently appears in this ftv formerly Sharena Gunawan, because he changed his last name after the name of the husband Taufiq Rizki. The couple married on December 21, 2007 after dating for more than three years.

Sharena Sharena Rizki Gunawan aka black buff who had a hobby of traveling and shopping is also an alumnus of the University of Pelita Harapan in 2006 is often doing their own hair.

Sharena rizky also been a model of advertising xl, and got the nickname of XL girls and the girls one photograph rupiah.berikut. I hope you still remember, when the provider was very heavily promosinya.Biodata Sharena Rizky, he was born in Jakarta, October 11, 1983. After becoming a model XL advertising, offer to play ftv, soap operas and movies she got. Recorded several soap operas and movies that he starred. Among Reaching Dreams and Kick And Love.

There may be an unfamiliar name or Sharena Sharena Rizky Rizki. But if given the XL card ad ever starred in, surely we can easily remember the pretty girls with tattoos was born in Jakarta, March 11, 1983 this. Sharena Rizky Sharena Gunawan whose original name is also often played in the television movie that aired on SCTV, including FTV titled 'Kucek in Double', 'SAYANG KMU KOK SELINGKUH?', 'JEJAKA JEJAKA', 'MENGAPAI MIMPI' and many more.

Shareena Rizky who plays the body 171 cm is also played in the movie 'Kick' n Love 'with actor Oka Antara and also played in the sitcom' Check In Check Out 'which aired on Global TV. It may also nobody imagined that Sharena Rizky, a graduate alumnus of the University of Pelita Harapan in 2006 is actually already married. His status right now is the wife of Taufiq Rizky since they were married on December 21, 2007. Later circulated photographs were having a party Sharena Rizky or partying with friends.
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