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POCONG MANDI GOYANG PINGGUL is a film produced by the K2K Productions and starring hot movie star from the United States, Sasha Grey. From the title it was predictable that the film Pocong SHOWER rocking HIPS is a horror movie with hot scenes. K2K Productions reportedly willing to pay expensive Sasha Grey to star in new movie, even Sasha Grey contracted higher compared with the previous Tera also starred in the film was produced KK.

K2K bet by putting it to film actress hot bath POCONG MANDI GOYANG PINGGUL, although they had to spend deeply. His belief was also evidenced by the many countries that would buy action Sasha Grey in the film that. There are seven states that have been enamored with stars who never won the Female Performer of the Year by the youngest in 2008.

Again Indonesian film featuring hot star artists of foreign origin. After Miyabi and Aoi Sora Indonesia has played in the film, now turn artist sexy hot star Sasha Grey K2K Productions was invited to play in the new film titled 'POCONG MANDI GOYANG PINGGUL'. Bringing together a number of artists now a hot star become a trend in Indonesia. This is done as a way to attract people to watch that movie production. In Indonesia, the smell of hot film is banned. Therefore, the film Indonesia, many people use to insert horror movie sexy scene from hot stars.

Indeed, the move was successful and graduated from the Film Censorship in Indonesia. However, it seems not for the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI), which strongly opposed the presence of hot stars abroad to Indonesia. They considered this action can only damage the image of the Indonesian nation. Back again in the discussion of the film 'POCONG MANDI GOYANG PINGGUL', the film is done by Dheraj. Before making this film also, Dheraj has made a film called 'dedemit Gunung Kidul', but this movie is getting a strong reaction from residents south of the mountain because in this film also has some hot scenes.

Not unlike the latest movie, the FPI is also strongly opposed the release of the movie 'POCONG MANDI GOYANG PINGGUL' which features some hot scenes Sasha Grey. Strangely, according to the Film Censorship FPI why can pass the movie. Plan Movie 'Shake your hips Pocong Bath' was released in late April 2011. Sasha Grey is scheduled to attend the launch of this movie. The film is reportedly a very large cost, but production K2K optimistic if the disbursement of funds will be refunded in the amount two-fold since the film is planned to be circulated to the eight countries.
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