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Misa Campo was born on January 22, 1988, in Montreal, Canada. When she was just two years old, Misa moved to California’s Newport Beach to live with her father. Surrounded by her relatives, Misa grew up in a safe and comfortable environment in which she was encouraged to pursue her dreams. Misa Campo remained exclusively within the sunny vistas of Newport Beach until she was 10, at which point she began to shuttle between California and Montreal (where she lived with her mom and two sisters).

Misa Campo got her start as a model at various trade shows and conventions, and quickly moved up the ranks within the modeling world thanks to a series of high-profile appearances in a variety of upscale publications (including Maxim magazine).

Though she’ll never quite be referred to as statuesque, Misa Campo is 5’6”, quite tall for her field, and there’s little doubt that she’s got the body of a centerfold. Her drool-worthy measurements -- 34C-24-34 -- only add to her overall package, and it’s certainly worth noting that she’s hardly the sort of gal to spend all of her free time in the gym. Much to the chagrin of her competitors, Misa Campo’s passion for food is reflected in her penchant for eating, as she says, “I also love to eat... I'm super easy to please that way.”

Misa Campo has accomplished an incredible amount in the few years she’s been working, and she’s not even 20 yet. She’s become a sex symbol the world over thanks to the proliferation of her pictures across the internet, and her image has appeared in countless magazines and fashion publications.

And although she’s still in the infancy of her career, Misa has already begun planning for the next decade. “There are a lot of projects I'm working on that I can't share the details of just yet,” she says. “I definitely hope to have done a lot in 10 years!"
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