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Malinda Dee is a beautiful woman who is vice president of Citibank is always look sexy in every appearance. Malinda had circulated photos sexy dee on Internet media in which the woman is trapped in connection with the burglary of money customers as much as 17 billion.

Malinda dee is a famous name in which his real name Inong Melinda 47-year-old woman was very friendly and flexible in his performance speak a variety of modes to plow money to manipulate the customer account data, transfer of client accounts into accounts held by Melinda Dee.

Pretty-faced female figure and stature of this section suddenly horrendous publik.Tak money just because burglary cases worth billions of dollars a Citibank customer, Malinda Dee also make a scene because the beauty and form a fantastic chest. At the age of 47 years stepping, Senior Relationship Manager at Citibank is still beautiful.

But, do not trigger first amazement, the article of beauty and elegance of the female body is familiarly called Inong is reportedly not natural. Overall it was obtained from plastic surgery. Make sharp nose, tighten the face, to raise his chest.

Plastic surgery is still a great way to make over the face. In fact, the numbers continued to increase steadily in the last 10 years. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, this year 13.1 million plastic surgery procedures were performed. Among the types of plastic surgery, breast surgery is the most favorite.

Last year as many as 296,203 patients underwent breast implants and 90,000 patients underwent breast-lift. Yes, physical beauty is still a dream almost all women, including Malinda
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