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In the last few days, the name of Irfan Bachdim is becoming trending topics in Twitter. Out of curiosity, I'm looking for information about him. Apparently, he's an Indonesian rising star in football, who currently playing in 2010 AFF Suzuki Cup. We won't talk about Irfan Bachdim, because this is not a sport blog, but he has a very sexy girlfriend who working as a professional model in Germany, Jennifer Jasmin Kurniawan. Jennifer Kurniawan is an Asian-European who born from Indonesian father and German mother. Her Oriental face perfectly combined with her voluptuous body. Maybe she's the first international WAG (Wife and Girlfriend) of Indonesian football history.

If Bachdim, the new national team striker Indonesia Dutch descent that became a byword for her looks brilliant now scored one goal on goal Malaysia when the Garuda team win 5-1 in AFF Cup 2010, the name of Jennifer, her lover, became a byword the adam fan of the round leather because of their beautiful appearance.

Jennifer, 23, is a German girl bloody Indonesia. Near-perfect physique led him to become a model in Germany.

"Hello, I wanted to introduce myself, my name is Jennifer from Knittlingen (Germany). My age 23 years, "the opening line on the site that discuss about the model in Germany.

"I also have experience of 10 years of professional ballet dancing at the State Theatre in Karlsruhe," he continued in those sites.

Here's biodata Kim Jeffrey Kurniawan's brother, German-born soccer players who entered in the naturalization program PSSI.

Age: 23
Height / Weight: 165 cm/47 kg
Hair: Long brown
Eye color: Brown
Bra Size: 34B
Clothes Size: 34/36
Shoe size: 37
Alt/Text Gambar

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