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in cyberspace recently a woman with a username Susyj87 send a video on YouTube about the tattoo on his arm. Tattoos that he says is a picture of the 152 people on the list of friendship on Facebook.The video was viewed more than 1.5 million people. But, it was later revealed that the tattoo is a mere fake.

Thousands of YouTube users end up hollering at the video sender. Apparently, the video was just part of marketing a Dutch company called Pretty Social engaged in the manufacture of gifts on Facebook.

This reminds us of the crowded shipping casket in Jakarta a few days ago. The difference, Susyj87 not to end up at the police station as Sumardy, the sender crate.

Since the photos and videos circulated widely, there are many who question whether her actions were her own initiative or other forms of promotion of a company. Finally, a question mark was missed. Overall the action is known only for advertising purposes.

Reported by PC World, on Friday (06/10/2011), is DutchNews, a Dutch media in the first to confirm this. In his report, DutchNews states that women who use the name Susyj87 on his YouTube account was not actually tattooed.

"Tattoos are not permanent. Tattoo artist from Rotterdam, Dex Moelker which makes the tattoo tattoos admit that it's just trial and error and can be lost with the water after a few days," the report DutchNews.

Moelker also said that tattooing was only takes a few hours.

As is known, a Dutch woman is post a video that shows activity when she was tattooed. Video, entitled 'My Social Tattoo' is immediately attracted the attention of viewers of YouTube and viewed more than two million times since Uploaded on May 30 last.

The video was apparently deliberately made for the benefit of advertising a Dutch company which is engaged in the manufacture of photo gifts from Facebook profiles.
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