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Giovanni van Bronckhrost have a social mission in first visit to Indonesia. Aiming to establish a foundation, he claimed to want to contribute to the children in the country.

Van Bronckhorst was conveyed during his meeting with reporters at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (21/06/2011).

"I came to serve and contribute to the children of Indonesia through the foundation that I founded. A pride can help the children of Indonesia after I retire as a footballer," said the former captain of the Dutch national team at the 2010 World Cup finals.

"I grew up with get a chance to play football and mendaptakan education. I know the importance of it and this is what I want to give to the children of Indonesia. So not only useful at the moment, but also has a nice impact for them in the future."

One of the main agenda of Feyenoord players, Rangers, Arsenal and Barcelona in Jakarta is auctioning off some memorabilia, including T-shirt he wore at the 2010 World Cup, the jersey number of other players to exchange with him on the field, as well as tickets to watch the game with Barcelona in Spain himself. Funds raised will be allocated for Giovanni van Bronckhorst, who planned to set up in Jakarta.

He will also participate in the exhibition titled Starbol match, between the stars and LPI ISL, at the Bung Karno Stadium, Wednesday (22 / 6) evening.

"I've heard about football Indonesia. Tomorrow we will see. I myself was curious enough and tomorrow can only be seen what kind of game. I am pretty excited to play with other players tomorrow. Hopefully we can all entertain the audience."

After hanging up his boots after the last World Cup, Van Bronckhrost currently still working on the first and last club, Feyenoord, as an assistant coach. One time he wanted to become a manager.

"I've been playing soccer for 18 years, so it might now be relaxed for a moment. Maybe later, I'll think about it later. I also took a license, but not high enough. It may only be to the level of assistant coaches."

When asked about the possibility of building something for the Moluccas, for example, a mini stadium is named after him, he said, "We'll see what else we can do to Maluku, given my own blood got from there. Maybe it could have been done."
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