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Shanna Bukhari, the only Muslim girl who made it through to the finals of Miss England, became celebrities in a short time. Cultural and religious background made him a contestant of Miss Great Britain's most highlighted in the country. Shanna is a girl of Asian descent and Islamic faiths. Now, he intends to become the first Muslim girl to be won the Miss England crown and represent the country at Miss Universe.

As quoted from The Sun, Shanna is a graduate of English literature who has a 24-year-old cultural roots with their ancestral lands in Pakistan, because Sanna family are immigrants from Islamabad, Pakistan's capital. Until now, Shanna has strong ties with Pakistan. Although the country was never out of the bloody conflict, Shanna has always found time to visit Pakistan every two or three months.

However, Shanna confirmed that his real home was England, because he was born and raised in England. Shanna was born in Blackburn. He then brought up in Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Shanna is the sixth child of seven siblings. He comes from a family wealthy enough that upholds the education. Shanna's older brother studying to achieve a doctorate, while his sister majored in law at the university.

Shanna own choosing studying English literature, because of his love of English literature. Shanna also liked the world of fashion, especially shoes. He admitted infatuation with shoes. Therefore, the young girl was going to jump into the fashion business in Asia. Shanna can not be separated from the Asian roots. His life is a combination of Western and Eastern cultures.

Shanna is the idol Amir Khan. "Amir Khan is a great example of the joining of East and West in a person. He was very successful, and he is proud of its culture. She's smart, and deserve to be a model for anyone, "said Shanna. British boxer Amir Khan is a Pakistani descent. He is the third youngest world champion in boxing in England. Just like Shanna, Amir grew up in Greater Manchester. He was a Muslim.

Now, follow the steps Amir, Shanna wanted to pursue the ideals of the world wants. He did not care about all the threats he received because of its status as a Muslim girl. Ironically, most of the threats he received from a man who also comes from the Muslim community.
"Other people carry about religion. But I do not label myself. I just want to represent all the young girls, regardless of ethnic background and religion they have, "said Shanna.
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