Thursday, June 9, 2011


After some period of time this pair of celebrity fame and his wife Maia Ahmad Dhani Estianty engaged in domestic feud and a very tenuous relationship, finally when the moment of her birthday celebration, this god frontman gives an unexpected surprise at the Maia who officially became his wife is actually still valid although they often argue and had involved defendants sued in the marriage relationship.

Al and Dul birthday is celebrated at the Stadium Lebak Bulus, South Jakarta, walked festive, Dhani and Maia is also seen compact for the sake of happiness that his two sons. Without hesitation, kissed her cheek Maia Dhani. It happened at the time of the event blowing candles and cutting cake, artist management owners Republic of Love Maia kissed it twice. Maia looks embarrassed when dikecup by a man who was her husband's status as such.

Duo Maia frontman confessed happily able to attend his son's second birthday. She hopes her sons always healthy and find happiness. "Happy Birthday" for Al equal Dul. I Love you, Al and Dul. May all your prayers and hopes come true, "said Maia.

Al anniversary events and Dul packaged differently. The event was celebrated at the ball field and held a soccer match. Dhani said the concept came from his children. "This idea of ​​all children. It's the kids who want to, "he said.

Yes, hopefully aja deh better soon, especially not in addition to their child's birthday moment, when it's the holy month of Ramadan, of friendship and brotherhood that had been lost would be better if could be connected again. Do not get just because of ego of each pair and the blow-up of excessive infotainment even exacerbate the situation.

Mate personal photo musician Ahmad Dhani and Maia Estianty spread on the internet. In the photograph, Maia looked tenderly kissed her ex-husband is.

Although both of them had a husband-wife relationship, but the photos could make a splashy media. Unfortunately, the romance is now seems to have disappeared from the couple who have been blessed with three children itu.Pasca divorced, both such as can never get along.
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