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For you fans ya pretty hot artist, sexy and sensational who he is? the answer is Julia Perez. This time we will share news about Jupiter are again enjoying the holiday and let us peek activities Gaston Julia Perez with his girlfriend on vacation to the beach Pirdaus, North Sulawesi.

Perhaps an interesting news on holiday kepantai Julia perez is how Jupe wearing a super hot bikini became the center of public attention and Sulawesi. Here's photos Julia perez hot to wear a bikini on the beach with her boyfriend Gaston Manado. Jupe looked sexy in her bikini. Jupiter also found when sunbathing black skin because they fear the sun on the beach. Despite fear of a black skin but Jupiter also enjoy beach holidays, as we see in the picture it looks cheerful accompany her lover.

Although Julia Perez confessed love the beach, but he did not want the color of his skin turned black because of the influence of weather. He did not want to linger on the beach with the hot sun. In addition, Jupiter is also just arrived from a place that cold air.

"Gaston Castano really like the beach, because he could Sunbathing. Actually I also love the beach but I'm afraid of blacks. If he does actually like it when he was black, "he continued.

Jupe fears based on past experience, which had received remarks from a fan, who called a black skin. Not appropriate when appearing in movies or television, was originally a black skin so says the fans.

"Since that time I've run out of the beach there are shows, fans I say 'oh its original black leather Jupe yes'. I do not want that, so I always keep the skin should not be black, "he explained.

But even so the former wife of Damien Perez does not detract from the fun to enjoy the paradise beach with her boyfriend.
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