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Onslaught of horror films and other genres of comedy hot make it difficult to enter the market. Moreover, films with social themes.

Even if there are initiatives to make, not necessarily any production house that would accommodate.

Like a movie called "L4 Lupus. " Damien Dematra, the producer and director of the film which tells about the life of people with lupus or those Odapus unsuccessfully took one home to facilitate film production houses.

"All production house refuse. The reason, less commercial films like this.'s hard to get an audience," said Damien Dematra in a press conference at the hospital. Kramat, Central Jakarta, Monday (16 / 5).

"But that does not mean the film failed. With the existing limitations, we try to continue production with their own funds," he added.

Ayu Azhari, the main star in this film feel very concerned. But he did not want to blame anyone. According to him, it is the right of each company.

"That's their choice. But me personally as an artist, I can participate in the social nature film like this must be delighted," told you.
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