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Bukhari Shanna, finalist 'Miss England' which hopes to represent Britain in the global beauty contest 'Miss Universe', claimed to receive e-mail delivery pitched hatred. He also received messages of scary threats. The reason for the background of Shanna, who is a Muslim girl.

He also has hired bodyguards to ensure his security. Shanna never even longer traveling alone. "It's not bad, but I must be wise," he told The Sun.

Whatever the unpleasant situation he had received, said Shanna, she will continue her dream of becoming the first Muslim to represent England in the 'Miss Universe'. But the 25-year-old girl said it would report to police when he received a threat again. Moreover, the threat he felt to be more serious because it was also sent to his friends who support him.

"The threat was rather disturbing and quite frightening. Indeed, some of which are not a threat aimed directly at me, but still scary, "he said.
Shanna felt life was so changed since August 2010, when he was announced to be one among the 60 girls who qualify and will compete for the crown of 'Miss England' in Birmingham.

Shanna made headlines in India and Pakistan. They were surprised to see a girl with Asian backgrounds managed to become contestants beauty competition in the UK. They were even more surprised because Shanna is a Muslim.

Shanna aware of the fact that he is Muslim makes him the limelight. "Other people carry about religion. But I do not label myself. I just want to represent all the young girls, regardless of ethnic background and religion they have. "

Being a celebrity overnight making Shanna must learn to adapt quickly. He received 300 messages per day through facebook from around the world. "Only one percent which contain negative messages, including threats and hatred. The rest was brilliant, I got support from people in other countries, mostly in India and Pakistan, "said the sixth of seven siblings.

Scholar of English literature itself has its roots in Pakistan, because his family came from Islamabad. Until now, Shanna still feel strong ties with Pakistan. He visited the country every two or three months. But he said, his real home was England, where he was born. Shanna was born in Blackburn and raised in Manchester.

Related to a number of threats he received, Shanna trying to calm down. "Islam is about peace. Threatened me alone is wrong in Islam. "
Shanna also reminded, England consists of a multicultural society. "I'm not judging anyone, then no one has the right to judge me. We live in a way each of us, and Britain is not Muslim countries. "
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