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The clock at 22:30 when Ayu Oktasari Subah media arrived at the office. He was accompanied by a friend. At first glance, Ayu eyes were swollen.

Ayu only answer with a smile as he rubbed his eye bags. He claimed to be giddy and almost lost hope. No doubt, the feeling comes about because in the last four days she suffered a problem of hot photos that circulated on the internet.

Although still look beautiful as seen on television or in photographs, the face of a girl born in Jakarta, October 8, 1982, is a bit pale. Aura of sadness was so appears on the face smooth strokes.

Especially when talking about plans for engagement with EGY, Ayu occasional thin lips trembled slightly. EGY aka Jonah (33) is a handsome male partner Ayu. They met through a reality show in Take Me Out Indosiar Indonesia, June 26, 2009. Their relationship went seriously and immediately stepped into an engagement which was originally planned for January 10, 2010. Marriage was designed this summer.

But according to Ayu, the plan will be delayed fiance January 17, 2010. Change the date of engagement was determined before the advent of news about hot photo Ayu. According to him, there is agreement and discussion within the family. Before the engagement, scheduled to be held shower as well as inter-family introductions.

"If it's fiancée plan there had been discussions before the matter came to light. And, on the condition of the relationship, I judge still fine. Just yes, now get a little giddy. Actually I like everything went fine. That's why I want this over with and my name back nice and clean, "said Ayu.

Need support

She felt the relationship with EGY already scouted five months it's going well. Therefore, he hoped the relationship could go on well without any interference, as well as the engagement is also going well.

But lately, after a problem arises that hot photo, Ayu feel like there are new problems in its communication with EGY. Although convinced of existing commitments to build a family, where the families of both parties also already know, the communication between Ayu and EGY just a hiccup.

"In fact, last time I tried to contact Mas EGY via short messages (SMS), Monday (4 / 1), Mas EGY only answer, 'What is Yu?'. I think that answers like yes how? Honestly it made me more and more burdened. Though, honestly I need a very much support, especially from Mas EGY. During the course of this relationship whenever I feel all fine, including the matter of communication, "said Ayu.

Alluded to his efforts to prove that the photo was not the original photograph him and his efforts to improve its reputation, Ayu reveals that he is now trying to collect evidence and ask for help from experts photograph, including a number of photographers who've made it a model image.

"I just want to reiterate, the pictures were not me and I've never been photographed like that. Because, until now I still remember and record when I was photographed as a model and everyone was taking pictures, "said the eldest of two brothers.
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