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Tamara Ciciel beautiful artist name may still sound a little strange in the ears. But actually he was not the one who really just starting out in the entertainment world. Since 2007 he has begun to explore the world of modeling. Unmitigated, he falls for the first time with a model of an adult male magazine.

Tamara debut in the modeling world with a camera captured two pieces bikini pose. No wonder if now, when it gets for a movie role, he was clumsy scene that is quite brave. One role is to become a prostitute, with scenes of him wearing only lingerie are very minimal.

But who would have thought, well before plunging into the entertainment world, Tamara was a child a home. He kind of kid that mommy submissive and far from glamorous life. When his life is now changed 180 degrees, then Ciciel have a reason.

"All that I do not solely to rebel. But I just want to show my parents when I grow up and be responsible, "he explained to the reporter who interviewed detikhot Rachman Haryanto once photographed in Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Women born in Jakarta, July 27, 1991 it is now claimed to be more interested to pursue acting. But that does not mean he will leave the modeling world that has been raised. All that was separated from his father's talent that flows within him. The father is the late Mahmud Fatha known as an actor in the era of Benjamin S.

Shown as a model for magazine covers adult men into the door for the opening of the bids for the continuation of Tamara's career. Ranging from feature films, soap opera star until a product ad. Entering 2010, he started playing on the big screen debut film, entitled 'Recognition A Whore'.

Tamara is now back to the big screen for a horror movie '13 cara Memangil Setan '. In this film, he appeared in a lot of sexy scenes. Tamara claimed no problems at all with these scenes.

"I think, as long as I still have a good body, why should I umpetin," said the woman who had been named as the Indonesian Ambassador Miss Earth 2009 was accompanied by relaxed laughter.

The second child of four children were admitted did want to create the image in her sexy. As for the acting business, he claimed to learn self-taught from the surrounding environment. Artists who also appeared in the soap opera "Love Fitri Season 4 'was quite diligent in sharing with senior actresses and director while on location filming.

Graduated high school in 2009, Tamara had tasted at the University of Trisakti kulia bench. However, keasikan and rushing to his world of entertainment to make his college had stopped in the middle of the road. "Not that I'm not concerned with education," he explained. "For a while maybe a little bit sidelined," he added.

"Anyway that's not like college schools that have time limits, so it could be anytime," the woman that hobby into a salon and sing it, as if to entertain herself of guilt.

Whatever happens, which obviously is now not only own Tamara can be proud, but also parents. How could I not? In addition karienya is quite smooth in the entertainment industry, Tamara now beginning to dive into a business that is part of the hobby that is salon. So, the 'wild' on the screen, but never the least troublesome parents for material things. In fact, as much as possible instead he is giving. "Although a bit," he said modestly
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