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Siti Khadijah Azhari or who is popularly known as Ayu Azhari is one of Indonesia's well-known artist overseas public. Not only the face, body hot was known for his acting 'in a film titled Hot Without Mercy in 1996 ago.

At that time, Ayu compete acting with renowned actor Frank Zagarino, and the scenes of 'hot' between him and Frank in the film has become a legend.

While in Indonesia, Pakistan blooded woman is famous as a model and soap opera star. One of the soap opera that catapulted his name is Red Node Marriage. Ayu has 8 brothers. Some of his younger brother is also famous as celebrities, including Sarah, Ibra Azhari and Rahma. Sarah and Rahma was no less famous 'hot' with his brother. In fact, they are both hot photo had circulated some time ago.

Back to Ayu, famous for his love life is full of twists. He was thrice married. Her first husband is rocker Djodi Gondokusumo. After that she married the man of Pakistani descent named Teemu Yusuf Ibrahim. Now, Ayu berstatuskan as the lawful wife of Mike Tramp. An American man once known as the vocalist of rock band White Lion.

Ayu has five children from three marriages, namely respectively Gondokusumo Axel, Sean Azad, Mariam Nur al-Iman, Solomon Atiq, and Isabelle Tramp.

Ayu is now more lives in America, following her husband who was a musician internationally. But recently he came back and said to run for regent Sukabumi under the banner of the PDI-P in Election 2010 ago.
Ayu also penetrated the world of drag votes. He never spawned wing dangdut album in 2006. In 2009, Ayu released a single titled Answer Rinduku political topics You, SBY.

Later the name Ayu Azhari started to soar again, but not in his career as a model and artist, but the problems that befall the middle. Ayu recently complained his own son, Sean Azad, to the police for stealing the money in considerable numbers. Ayu said he was doing so to give a lesson and a deterrent effect on the child.
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