Sunday, January 26, 2014

Arandella Crista Presenter Berburu Trans7

Arandella Crista Presenter Berburu Trans7

Your adventurous hobby while hunting or perhaps your hobby with wild animals such as snakes and other animals ? Surely you are not familiar with the " hunt " in the trans- 7 which airs every Sunday night . This event in presenteri by beautiful Hos named Arandella Crista or more dikenla with Arandella .

Arandella crista is also a fashion model in some Indonesian television presenter , but his name is not yet sufficiently known. In the event della become a host must be willing to go out into the forest , bebburu event itself is a reality show to hunt some animals such as wild pigs , snakes , etc. .

Della familiar greeting represents a career in the beauty pageant Miss Celebrity Indonesia held on SCTV , the show is also similar to that represented by Miss Indonesia contestants della some areas and represent the city of Semarang . Besides being a presenter hunt , christa Arandella also known to be a sporting event presnter bundesliga football ( German league ) on Indosiar . Besides being a frequent presenter della beautiful face graced several magazines , he was active as an MC .
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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Priscilya Princessa Ala Chef Hot Foto

Priscilya Princessa Ala Chef Hot Foto 

For those of you Who ever watched the show Master Chef on RCTI certainly not foreign to Prinncess Priscilya pretty face . Yups , this beautiful girl is often appeared on television shows in the country after the success of the bake-offs .

Priscilya Princessa was born in London on 23 November 1988 . Her hobbies besides cooking that is singing and listening to jazz music genre . Information obtained search results , he often got the confidence to cook in every family event . Meanwhile, he has reportedly culinary talent he got from his grandmother and his mother . However , often Priscilya creative to create a new and different menu . Not surprisingly Priscilya managed to penetrate the top 5 positions at MCI 1 .

And apparently , lover of bright colors and objects related to Hello Kitty 's also worked as a model . However , it remains the main option is to become a reliable Chef that will be able to give the impression that a Chef including professional with other equally promising . Proven Priscilya Princessa aspire to continue their education in the field of cooking that Le Cordon Bleu education institution in Paris , France who teaches hospitality management and culinary arts , and includes the world's largest in the field .

Not only penetrated the world cooking - cooking , priscilya also be a photo model in a magazine . Nowadays it becomes beautiful woman in chef cooking show ala chef trans tv that along with the famous chef who is not less beautiful is farah queen .
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Monday, January 20, 2014

Foto Hot Rinnie Rezcky Presenter Baru Jam Malam Trans7

Foto Hot Rinnie Rezcky Presenter Baru Jam Malam Trans7 

curfew is among one of the trans-7 television program aired every Monday evening, an event unique to package a variety of activities in each city in Indonesia, which is guided by the beautiful host. 

focus curfew to discuss the activities of young people with a myriad of urban or urban areas and from a variety of community activities. some activities are presented in community events such as cosplay curfew etc..

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Foto Hot Kartika Putri Bintang Pesbuker ANTV

Foto Hot Kartika Putri Bintang Pesbuker ANTV 

Kartika Putri( born in Palembang , Indonesia , January 20, 1991 , age 22 years is an actress and presenter and has a special feature in Tegal dialect .

Kartika started his career in the entertainment world as a sports and news presenter . After long appeared as a presenter , he finally noticed by film producer to star in a big screen title .

Beautiful artist who is now frequently appear in Digitalclip that aired on Trans could also be co - hosted replacement Magdalena KAKEK-KAKEK NARSIS , also at the same television station .

Of course , these opportunities directly diiyakan by sexy bodied this presenter . Although he admits not having a background in acting , but he felt that acting made ​​him feel challenged and adds his experience . With a little a lot of direction from the director , he also enjoyed acting .

Despite having a pretty face and sexy body , do not shy daughter Kartika actress played the female accent Tegal . This is what made ​​him famous as an artist with a distinctive accent . From there , he was also popular and increasingly more job offers who stopped him .

This long-haired woman did not hesitate to reveal the origin of the peculiar accent he uses . And it turns out , a habit he learned from one of the workers at his home .

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Foto Shinta Rosari Sinden Opera Van java (OVJ) Trans7

Foto Shinta Rosari Sinden Opera Van java (OVJ) Trans7

Since 2012 Shinta has become sinden in OVJ and this year is her first year participating in the program Sahur OVJ. Shinta admitted very pleased to be joining the event as hobbies OVJ singing once entertained.

Singer and presenter Shinta Rosary prestige never express affection to your partner. One of the singers on the show OVJ also admitted not the type of person who likes to hold the feeling.

Complete Biography Shinta Sinden OVJ:
  • Full Name: Shinta Rosary
  • Nickname: Shinta / Shinta OVJ
  • Place, date of birth: Jakarta, February 1, 1988
  • Hobbies: Singing, Modeling, Traveling
  • Life Motto: Success must be Reached with hard work
  • Twitter account: @ shinta_rosari
  • Girlfriend: Regis Manopo
  • Occupation: Actress, Singer, Sinden OVJ (Opera Van Java) Trans7, Presenter KISS Indosiar, etc. Personnel Aiko.
  • Favorite Color: White
  • Fans Name: ShintAlways
  • Favorite Music: Still in Love
  • Religion: Catholic Christian

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Foto Anastasia Mustikandrina Vokalis DR. KA

Foto Anastasia Mustikandrina Vokalis DR. KA 

girls with 176 cm height , full name anastasia mustikandrina Herzigova . start singing at the age of 9tahun with the provision of school music education Pranadjaja . with idle capital , kiku managed to be a finalist AFI JUNIOR 2 in 2004 . kiku ever be a candidate in 2006 ambassadors children , and start a modeling career in 2010 as the runner up in the ivory model of search .

Long Name : Anastasia Mustikandrina
Call : Kykuu
Place / Date of Birth : -
Height / Weight : 176/47
Education : Faculty of Japanese Literature , University of Darma Persada

Course :
  • Basic vocal education in bina vokalia Pranadjaja
  • Self-development and a model school in jhon robert power
  • Instructure taekwondo jakarta city branch
  • Agency Model : platinvm management & hitz Indonesia
  • Karate dojo jakarta
  • Ninjutsu branch wonderful expectations
  • Communication and self-development classes in remedial Indonesia

achievement :
  • Afi a junior in 2004 , 8besar
  • Candidates child ambassador 2006
  • Platcab jakarta city taekwondo junior class fly
  • 2nd ( silver ) taekwondo tournament as it telkom Java - Bali
  • 2nd ( silver ) bekasi open taekwondo tournament
  • 1st Place ( Gold ) trophy BNN national taekwondo tournament
  • Runner up 2010 ivory models of engines

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Eliza Sulaiman 100% Sport Global TV Presenter

Eliza Sulaiman 100% Sport Global TV Presenter

For you lovers of football or sports would be familiar with this one presenter, yes he was a presenter Eliza Sulaiaman information about Global sports tv 100% Sport pliers every day at 1:00 to 2:00 pm.

"100% Sport" is a flashback show about sports games, ranging from Silverback game, the score, the players, coaches and all those associated with sports that aired on Global TV.

if you are still curious about the Eliza Sulaiaman could follow in ;
FB :
Twitter :
pinterest :

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Foto Hot Jenita Janet " Di Rijek "

Foto Hot Jenita Janet " Di Rijek "

Jenita Janet began her career as an itinerant dangdut singer while still in high school, after graduation he worked at a bank. Thanks to their interests and talents into a dangdut singer, Jenita had joined the group Poison Duo music. However, due to incompatibility Jenita ultimately chose to leave the group and pursue a solo music career.

  In January 2013, Jenita Janet released her first single entitled 'direject'. Janet began Jenita known to the public because of his appearance on the show in various music television station. As a dangdut singer, Jenita Janet has a distinctive appearance, which wobble 'Gogo dangdut' as well as hair styles and fashion colors. With the appearance of a lot of people who refer to it as 'Katy Perry from Indonesia'. However, Jenita refused equated with the singer from the United States and chose to be himself completely with the traits that he has.

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Monday, December 16, 2013

Foto Hot Shita Destya Presenter Jam Malam Trans 7

 Foto Hot Shita Destya Presenter Jam Malam Trans 7 

Shita Destya daughter or who is often called Shita Destya (born in Jakarta, December 20, 1984) he was one of the show's hosts curfew Trans7 he was also an advertising and also bitang senetron players. senetron his ever dibitangi Caution There Sule, Abdel & Temon Not Ordinary, Momon, Husband-Wife Husband Fear, 86, Chase Online, Sunrise Goddess. The following photographs Destya Shita ;

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Friday, December 13, 2013

Foto Sexy Alex Indah Presenter Sport 7 malam

Foto Sexy Alex Indah Presenter Sport 7 malam
If you always follow the event on television Trans7 , especially gossip shows and sporting events will surely recognize Moto Gp beautiful figure alex . He is also the presenter of gossip and quizmaster in Moto GP Trans7 . He first frequently seen on television as a presenter gossip kiss on Indosiar . He later became a presenter in Moto GP .

Beautiful alex previously was a later model more focused to plunge into the world of the presenter . Beautiful woman with long hair is a graduate of the faculty of Communication Sciences of the private universities in Jakarta . As beautiful models did have a nice body shape , slim waist with a beautiful shape . 170cm tall with a body weight of 55kg would be supported enough proportionate . Peranakan girls Palembang - Toraja pleaded not uncomfortable if he had to take pictures of sexy , he regards it as part of a form profesionalisme'nya in a career as a model .

not just be a sports presenter Beautiful alex also a presenter on Kiss Indosiar infotainment program . And just this week a presenter alex Beautiful sporting events namely trans 7 sports a 7 night.
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Foto Hot Anggita Sari

Foto Hot Model Anggita Sari

Photos of hot models Sari Anggita unceasingly provide sensation , a former drug dealer 's girlfriend claimed to have a relationship with the husband of Ayu ting ting pregnant and confessed of his relationship with Enji ( Henry Baskoro Hendarso ) son of former Police chief .

To prove Anggita Sari lovingly shows photos on his Twitter account with the son of former National Police Chief Bambang Hendarso it . Pictures show as proof that he had a relationship both special.

In the lovingly photograph , Henry Baskoro Hendarso wearing a plaid shirt , while Anggita wearing sexy black dress . As he smiled , leaning her head on his chest Anggita Enji . Although it seemed to intimate , to date Enji still evasive never establish love with Anggita and make Anggita claimed annoyed with Enji action .

The photos were already very clearly proved both have a special relationship . in the photo at that time written ' Big day for us love Henry Baskoro Hendarso ' , it explains that there is a special day at the time, " .

Anggita claimed to have had a serious relationship although Enji dating for six months .
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Anita Maerani Presentar Baru One Stop Football on sunday Trans7

For you fans of sports news show may be familiar with one of the sports news show broadcast by Trans7 were present on the day of the week is One Stop football on Sunday. Higlight event summaries peeling soccer ball that lasts news about this earlier in the week Selema presenter i by Tery daughter of the date of October 6, 2013 was replaced by a beautiful presenter named Anita Maerani.

If you are curious to figure this one presenter, please follow her on twitter: @ anita_mae11
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